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A travel guide through Ecuador

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

Hacienda San Agustin is an historical landmark turned into an exclusive hotellocated just over one hour south of Quito near Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador.

Built on the site of an Inca palace, and one of the two most important archaeological Inca sites in Ecuador, it is the furthest point north from Cuzco that features Imperial Style construction.

Dine and sleep within ancient Inca walls, and by day enjoy the spectacular vistas of Cotopaxi Volcano and go horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking or visit an indigenous market.

Highlights :

  • Rooms with Imperial Inca Walls,

  • exclusive and warm (not the weather though),

  • the cosiest Salon you'll find in the country,

  • Incredible surroundings, with bulls, horses, everywhere,

We love this place, not only for the history surrounding you, but for the homely feeling tagging along a perfect service. Food is great, rooms are amazing, Mignon Plaza (the owner) is the nicest character with amazing stories and hosting skills,... a must see !


Hacianda San Agustin de Callo,
Lasso, Province of Cotopaxi 77 km. south of Quito on the Panamerican Highway. 5km. off the highway and close to the entrance to Cotopaxi National Park.

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