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A travel guide through Ecuador

Our Guide

What is Hotels of Ecuador ?

This is a travel guide, but one that is a little bit special. First, because it exists only for Ecuador, and second because if we think poorly of a hotel or restaurant, it will not be part of this guide. We think positive, so we write only positive.

Hence this guide, that is a collection of hotels and restaurants in Ecuador that we like and even love, places with character and personality. Not necessarily an expensive place, we have categories for every place and we believe that charm, good service and aesthetics exists for every budget, so we find those places where you'll feel welcome and feel good, sometimes as good as home.

In fact, what we cherish more than anything when building the guide is our integrity, so none of the Hotels or Restaurant present in this guide had (or even can) pay a cent to be here ! We chose them for who they are, not for what they can pay, and if we don't like them... well you won't hear about them from us.

Over $200


$100 to $200


$50 to $100


Less than $50


What about Restaurant ratings ?

With restaurants, our philosophy is the same ; we'll talk only about what gave us joy and pleasure. And since a culinary experience cannot always be mesured by the money we pay for a meal, we had to have a possibility for small restaurants to enter our guide. Sure we remember magnificent meals in extraordinary restaurants, with an impeccable service, and gleaming sliverware, but I have memories of small "parrilladas" by the beach with a barefeet waiter that are just as amazing !

So, we'll get good adresses for every budget, if it's good, that's all that matter.

Over $50


$20 to $50


$10 to $20


Less than $10


Our Eco Label :

As an engineer in sustainable developement and environment, when I became a hotelier myself, I started to look for an Eco Label... only to find that most of those labels were too easy to get, only with a simple question form to fill up and send back by email, and even those were not covering any major issue that would ensure that a Hotel is really ecological.

So, I 've created the "Eco-Logic" Label. It also starts with a question form, but a tough one, once again my integrity is more important that my popularity, so this one will play hard to get ! Upon receiving the forms, a visit will then be scheduled. I know, this is the hard part for me since me and Amber are alone, it might take time, but we'll eventually get there, but you'll know that when someone has that label, that they REALLY are doing a great job.