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A travel guide through Ecuador


"Napo is a province in Ecuador. Its capital is Tena. The province contains the Napo River. The province is low developed without much industrial presence. The thick rainforest is home to many natives that remain isolated by preference, descendents of those who fled the Spanish invasion in the Andes, and the Incas years before. As of 2000, the province was the sole remaining majority-indigenous province of Ecuador, with 56.3% of the province either claiming indigenous identity or speaking an indigenous language.

This province is one of the many located in Ecuador's section of the Amazon Rainforest.

In Napo province are also Antisana Ecological Reserve and Limoncocha National Biological Reserve."


Highlights :

  • Numerous climates and environments, from high mountains around Papallacta to the warm and humid Amazon basin,

  • a Province that is a tribute to Nature,

  • Incredible variety of activities : rafting, kayaking canyoning, mountain treks, jungle hiking, bird watching, descovering rich indigenous cultures,... it's endless, a lifetime of amazement !