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A travel guide through Ecuador

Las Grietas

That is a reall easy one, just get one of the taxi-boat in Puerto Ayora, go to the point and follow the signs (maybe 30 mins walk) ; also, you can board one of the many daily tours offered in Puerto Ayora in small agencies. Prices are almost equal throughout town. Las Grietas is always on the menu, along with other highlights.

You'll get in a small boat (max 10-12 people) for a half-day tour of the main spots around Puerto Ayora.

Tours start everyday.

Not only it is a beautiful walk to get there, but it is an amazing place to see : a sort of fissure through the land and barely reaching the sea. This natural canyon is filled with a mix beteween sea and fresh water where people come to swim. Up to 11 meters deep, it is cristal clear and you can spot many fish. 

Definitely a must see.