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A travel guide through Ecuador

Hamadryade Lodge

Hamadryade Lodge is an Amazon Jungle Lodge in Ecuador ; set in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, this is the perfect hotel to discover the Amazon jungle, a mix between adventure and luxury.

Hamadryade Lodge is a luxurious Amazon jungle Lodge. Set in the Amazon rainforest, it has 5 bungalows hidden in the jungle. Exclusive and luxurious, Hamadryade is a hotel that offers a personnalized service, through our amazon tours, on land and on water with our numerous activities.

The Hamadryade Lodge was built on an old gold mine site, on top of a hill in the Rainforest. We wished to use this very particularity because of the opportunity it represented for us : a chance to fix what had been destroyed in the past, turn something ugly into a place where nature could regain its rights and display all the wonders it has to offer.

The Lodge :

  • 5 bungalows, 

  • Ecological swimming pool

  • 64 hectares of primary/secondary jungle

  • right in the amazon rainforest,

  • exclusive and personnal service

Highlights :

  • Jungle activities,

  • River rafting / Kayaking

  • Canoe on the Napo River

  • Jungle hikes,

  • Visits to local communities,