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A travel guide through Ecuador

Devas Center – Ayahuasca, shamanism and coaching

Shamanism joined with Naturopathy are powerful allies in you quest to reclaim or simply improve harmony, wellness and balance. This process has to be done step by step, at your own pace, using a thorough program for cleansing the body and mind, a real shamanic trip.

Our shamans will guide you through this profound introspection work to help you put the past/present suffuring in perspective, find solutions to things or questions that haunt you... to LET GO.

Along your stay, and after each shamanic ritual, our wellness coach, specialized in Naturopathy, will help you to draw the most benefits possible from your session and therefore maximise the efficiency of your retreat : through plants, dietsactivities in the Jungle, and of course the revelations you'll get, everything to create a new paradigm.

Ayahuasca ans coaching, how to ally powerful tools to help you regain harmony and well-being. The shamans at the Center are great, dedicated and helpful. It is really nice to be able to experience these shamanic rituals in a pleasant, comfortable and secure environment.

Where are they ?

Address: Via Misahualli km 11
Tel 0985909992