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A travel guide through Ecuador

Casa Gangotena

Situated in a newly-restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco, the three-story Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel in Quitoharbours 31 rooms, a showcase of eye-catching style, contemporary design, antiques, fine furnishings, modern technologies and quintessential comforts.

Beautifully- and eclectically-appointed, the hotel invites its guests to explore and to relax, whether in the dining room, glassed-in patio, garden redolent with the perfume of native flowers, wood-panelled library, or else atop its panoramic third-floor terrace.

Beyond its doors of this Quito Hotel, the world heritage wonders of Quito, as well the vastly-different and diverse worlds of Ecuador itself, await. Sophisticated and eclectic, historic yet contemporary, at Casa Gangotena style, passion and service blend seamlessly and delightfully.

Casa Gangotena is an incredible place, a magnificient palace in one of the most beautiul place in Quito : the San Francisco's cathedral plaza. And yes indeed, it is a palace, exactly like the idea one might have of a palace, luxurious, breathtaking, comfortable and warm. 

The building is in the purest colonial style, sending you back in time, a really unique experience, a chance to get a feel of the old colonial Quito.

Where are they ?

Address: Bolívar Oe6-41 y Cuenca / Quito-Ecuador
If the address doesn't help, it's easy, it's right on the San Francisco Plaza
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