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A travel guide through Ecuador


Baños de Agua Santa, commonly referred to as Baños, is a city in eastern Tungurahua Province, in central Ecuador. Baños is the second most populous city in Tungurahua, after Ambato, the capital, and is a major tourist center. It is known as the "Gateway to the Amazon", as it is located on the Pastaza River in the Amazon River basin, and has a newly paved road to Puyo.

The city is also a Roman Catholic religious center, as some Catholic believers say that the Virgin Maryappeared nearby a waterfall. So a sculpture of the virgin, called Virgen de Agua Santa, was placed in thecathedral. The history of the town is intimately linked with the highly active Tungurahua volcano. In October 1999, all 17000 + residents were forced to evacuate the city for weeks.